A New Hope


“Emma and Hook aren’t falling in love blindly; they chose to open their hearts to each other with full knowledge of both the pleasure and the pain of love.”

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BEST!!!! READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE OR ELSE (you will miss out on a beautifully expressed explanation of why Captain Swan is such a meaningful relationship, and first love vs. choosing to love again)

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TBH if I was Emma going on this first date and he walked up looking like this, I’d start by biting him on the neck and the rest is way too explicitly sexual to even describe here

TBH if I was Emma going on this first date and he walked up looking like this, I’d start by biting him on the neck and the rest is way too explicitly sexual to even describe here

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so anyway can we expect another wedding crashing villain in OUAT

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This is how I think the beginning of season 4 will go according to the spoilers I’ve been hearing.

++++ also 

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Captain Swan + Social Media

Tinkerbell and Regina should like Ruby’s comment

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I don’t care what anyone says, that was EASILY the best two hours of OUAT ever

those were easily the best two hours of my life lbr

could not have loved it more. absolute perfection.

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Honestly all of season 3B, we’ve been waiting for more CS kissing, and I no longer begrudge the episodes that left us wanting more between them. Leading up to THIS, building up to it and giving us this … how could a shipper ask for more? This is PERFECTION, complete and utter perfection.

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You’ll look for any excuse to use that thing, won’t you?

And we knew, in this moment, that Emma Swan has been having some dirty, dirty thoughts about Killian’s hook, this last season.

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I’d go to the end of the world for her.

Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

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I’m just … you know … were you imagining, like I was, the way Emma Swan felt in that moment? When Killian told her so nonchalantly that [of course] he’d given up his beloved Jolly Roger to get back to Emma, and she realized … this is it. This is the man who will not walk away from me, who will sacrifice anything for me, who places my happiness and health above everything else in the world. This is the man who has stood by me, come after me, protected me, helped me, constantly boosted my self-esteem with his unwavering belief in me, looked at me like I was the sun and moon and stars. This is the man whose presence has come to mean the world to me, who loves my son and my son cares about in return, who has earned my father’s respect, who my mother trusts, who has turned his back on a three hundred year quest for vengeance and redeemed his entire soul for me and is here, with me, now, in my home, having given up the only home he’s ever known, because I’m his home now … and he is mine.

Did you imagine the warmth of her joy and love blossoming in her heart as she stared at him, awestruck, and then - instead of pulling away or running - she leaned into him and poured her heart and soul into the most tender kiss of all time, making absolutely no effort to hide her feelings from this man she finally realized she could allow herself to love, because he loves her so completely?

I have rarely seen anything so beautiful and apart from being so glad for Killian to finally have his hopes validated, I was so &%^@#$%^&%$ happy for Emma Swan in that moment, when she put years and years of loneliness and fear behind her and embraced her home and her future wholeheartedly. She deserves this so damn much.